warehousing service

Bonded / Non-Bonded Warehouse

  • FIRST licensed public bonded Warehouse in Malaysia since 1981.
  • 30 years of good track record.
  • Full warehouse facility located at heart of North Port with 145,000 sq. ft.
  • Bonded & Non-Bonded Air-Conditioning Facility. Distribution Warehouse.
  • Value Added Services and Tax Stamp Activities
Customs Bonded Zone Office
located  in-house
  Ample compound space for high
turnover of containers and trucks.
High Security Zone Management
with CCTV and CMS
Bonded and Non-Bonded
Warehouse Facility
  Air-Conditioning Facility. Liquor and  
High Value Stock Warehouse Management

For Sales Enquiry : Please call

03-3165 0445 / 03-3165 0775