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About Us

Jasa Kita Berhad (JKB) is a management and investment holding company and was listed on the KLSE since March 1993. The subsidiaries are primarily engaged in manufacturing, assembling and trading of premium quality power tools, electric induction motors, hand tools and other industrial equipment.

The Group’s business started with distribution of industrial electric induction motors in 1975 and switched to assembling of imported components of electric motors in 1978. Over the following 5 years, it progressed to partial manufacturing. The investment in machinery was about RM9.0 million and is capable of producing about 60% of the required electric motor components.

In the same year of 1978, the Group also ventured into distribution of finished industrial drive products, i.e. “Makita” power hand tools and A.C. induction motors for the construction industry and the manufacturing industry. In 1997, the Group invested in JasaHalco (Int.) Sdn Bhd; which deals in the trading of rock drilling accessories imported from the U. K. and India.

In 1999, JKB diversified into service industry and acquired Jasa Kita Warehousing Services Sdn Bhd (JKW). JKW was the first licensed public bonded Warehouse in Malaysia which commenced operation in 1981. It provides bonded warehouse services through its rented premise of 145,000 sq. ft in Port Klang with Customs Bonded Zone Office to provide convenient duty and tax clearance facility.

Lately, the Group further expands its trading business by taking in “SATA” and “Kuani" hand tools and air tools for automotive industries. With its 37 years of establishment, the Group has earned a fine reputation of reliability among its customers and business associates.

Our Projects

JKB Group main core business is in distribution of premium industrial tools; i.e. “Devon” & “Metabo” power tools, “Brook Crompton” & “Toshiba” electric motors, “SATA” & “Kuani” hand tools which are registered in Japan, U.K., Australia and USA respectively. These good quality tools / motors are commonly used in the construction industry, manufacturing and automotive industry.

The products are distributed through a dealer network and are available in most of the hardware and machinery shops, engineering products supplies shops throughout Malaysia. Besides the dealer network, the Group also supply to other market segments such as contractors, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and equipment fabricators.

Other than the above registered trademarks, the Group has also developed its own brand names, eg. “FEIMA” and “EXCEL” under the electric motor range of products.